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PDT laser system for activation of photosensitizers
intended for the treatment of cancer

Product Specifications

 1 Channel PDT System2 Channel PDT System4 Channel PDT System
Current Wavelength Range600nm to 850nm600nm to 850nm600nm to 850nm
Output-PowerUp to 5W/ChannelUp to 5W/ChannelUp to 5W/Channel
Output-Channels1Up to 2Up to 4
Language Selectionyesyesyes
Fibre Types

Frontal Diffusors

Cylindrical Diffusors

Bare fibres
Touch Screen User Interfaceyesyesyes
  • Intuitive control via touch screen user interface
  • Output-channels upgradable to maximal system configuration
  • Fibre port for flexible adaption to common connector types and light-distributors
  • Precise and homogenous treatment beam
  • Auto calibration port for sterile inserts (CPI)
  • Treatment parameters set by auto-calculation or manual adjustment
  • Individual adjustment of irradiance
  • Recording data for treatment documentation (USB-PC connection)
  • Low noise operation